Wonton/Dumpling/Gyoza Wrappers


Wonton/Dumpling/Gyoza Wrappers

Makes about 60 to 70 wrappers depending on the shape and size you cut it.


  • 250 g all-purpose or bread flour I like bread flour to give it some chewiness
  • 1 Tbsp. sesame oil
  • 100 ml hot to boiling water Amount is approximate, see instructions.


  1. Put flour and sesame oil in a bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle.

  2. Start mixing and add the water little bit at a time. Add until the mixture starts to resemble pea-sized crumbs.

  3. Bring the dough together by hand into a rough ball.

  4. Divide into about thirds. Take a ball and flatten it out to feed through a pasta roller.

  5. If using a Kitchen Aid mixer pasta roller attachment, feed through the thickest "1" setting several times (feed through the roller, fold in half then feed through the roller again with the fold to the side).

  6. If using a Kitchen Aid mixer pasta roller attachment, I find that the "5" setting is the best thickness for dumplings. Any thinner then it breaks while boiling or frying. Any thicker and it's a little doughy, but if you like that then go for the "4".

  7. Cut into approximately 3" squares with a knife or use a circle cutter that is about 3.5" in diameter.

  8. If freezing, coat with a bit of all-purpose flour, stack, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and stick in the freezer.

Recipe Notes

See it in action on this video (0:52 to 1:42)!

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