Almond flour is a pretty amazing ingredient. It’s only recently that I discovered how great it is for baking cakes and cookies, and it was thanks to having the need to accommodate gluten-intolerant friends and family.

Although in a previous recipe test I’ve declared that I had found the brownie recipe (Fudge Brownies), I felt compelled to try this Almond Flour Brownies recipe from King Arthur Flour because it only uses almond flour, and right now regular wheat flour is hard to come by in stores.

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This recipe is what one would call a “one-bowl recipe” where all you need is one bowl to mix all the ingredients. It really is as simple as it gets, and even easier than the aforementioned Fudge Brownies recipe. In fact, the entire prep time took me only 9 minutes.

Other than its simplicity, what I really like about these brownies is that it is even more chewy and close to the box brownie mix texture that I like. If you love brownie crust, this is the brownie for you! It doesn’t taste almond-y or have a dry texture at all. If you didn’t tell me it was made entirely of almond flour with no wheat flour, I wouldn’t have been able to tell. This is really a great recipe to quickly whip up when you have a craving for brownies!

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