I never really thought of cauliflower as one of my go-to vegetables, but ever since my husband introduced me to cauliflower cheese pie (basically a giant potato latke pie with a cheesy cauliflower filling), it became one of my favorite vegetables. I randomly came across this Cauliflower Fritters (Frittelle di Cavolfiore) recipe by Silvana Lanzetta on TheLocal.it, and it looked very much like the cauliflower cheese pie but in fritter form so I had to give it a go.

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Although this is a recipe, there definitely is an approximate aspect to it, which I like.

For example, the 2-3 Tbsp. of flour definitely was not enough because the first batch I tried to fry, the dough fell apart. I added a little more flour, maybe 2 Tbsp. more, and then it was fluffy enough that it wasn’t a dough ball but stuck together enough that it didn’t fall apart. It’s a matter of finding the right texture when mixing.

Along the same lines, the cauliflower mash option of mashing with a fork or pureeing it with a food processor would affect the dough texture and how much flour to add. I opted to mash with a fork. Although this might be more effort, the chunkiness gives it a nice texture, whereas the puree would make it more like a mashed potato pancake-like texture. Of course, this comes down to preference.

I also added a touch more cheese in there because everything tastes good with extra cheese! The recipe says cubed or grated smoked cheese. I did grated, just because I already had the grater out for the parmesan cheese, but I could see how the cubed would work well with having little chunks of cheese in there.

For frying, I found that it helps to shape the dough with two spoons (like you are shaping whipped cream or something) first before dropping it into the oil. It also helps to not fuss with the dough too much on the first side. It takes care of itself when you flip it over and creates a nice patty.

Overall this is an easy meal or snack and doesn’t take too many ingredients which is great. The recipe says to serve with some lemon and olive oil which is delicious, but it’s great with hot sauce or sour cream. I can certainly say that a batch of these fritters do not last long!

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